These car insurance coverages can get you out of trouble on the road

These car insurance coverages can get you out of trouble on the road

One of the main concerns when buying car insurance is the price. In most cases, what we usually do is choose the cheapest company, but it is likely that what really suits us is a policy with specific coverage. And it is that when insuring our vehicle we face the question of choosing which insurance best suits our needs and whether it is an All Risk or a Third Party that is most appropriate. Despite the fact that the Law only requires the subscription of Civil Liability insurance, most tend to opt for more complete coverage, such as All Risks or Extended Third Party insurance. Thus, during the first 2 or 3 years of a vehicle from registration it is advisable to take out an All Risk insurance policy.

We must even lend more attention to the possible clauses that perhaps we do not know and can get us out of trouble on the road.

First of all, losing your car keys can leave you stranded on the road. And it is so common to lose the controls that many insurers already contemplate it in their policies. Thus, if you have a copy, all you have to do is call roadside help to come pick it up. But things get complicated if we don’t have a copy; Since, through our personal data, they can know the chassis number of the car and the key code and order a copy from us and bring it to us where we have the immobilized vehicle.

Is the sunroof included in the window insurance? It is important to check this as it is very expensive to repair. Almost all types of car insurance, except for basic third-party insurance, include glass coverage; and it is very frequent that any little stone from the road jumps and hits the windshield, the windows or the rear window. Therefore, if the sunroof is standard, it is most likely that your insurer will also cover its possible breakage or deterioration and any damage caused by an attempted theft or accident.

Also on many occasions, while we travel, we leave our bags or backpacks in the car. Many companies have created specific insurance for this type of theft and can compensate you for the bag and its contents, but also, if you have travel assistance coverage, they can take care of canceling all the cards. Thus, you will avoid headaches.

Similarly, there is no impediment for a pregnant woman to drive throughout her pregnancy. It may even be that she is going into labor or you are unwell while she is driving. But, what do you do with the car? Many insurers provide assistance to pregnant women. In the event of an alarm, it will suffice to park the car and wait for a taxi to pick up the insured. Then, the company will be in charge of calling a tow truck to transport the vehicle to the home.

When you have had an accident and need psychological help, they can also help you. Being in a car accident can be a very traumatic experience. And it is that there are people who develop fear of driving again, a clinical pathology called ‘amaxophobia’. In many cases, sequelae can be considered and you can request compensation from the insurer. In addition, they could take care of the psychological treatment you need to overcome the problem.

Also, if you have rushed the reserve a lot and you run out due to lack of fuel, you can call your insurer and ask if it includes the shipment of fuel. They can send you a tow truck to tow you to the nearest gas station. If your car is Diesel, the problem may be greater: with an empty tank, the injectors may clog. Even if you fill up the tank, the vehicle may not run and should be towed to the shop. In either case, you will pay for the fuel. Also, take a good look at the policy, because normally this coverage can only be used a limited number of times. And remember that if the Civil Guard catches you without fuel, you will face a fine of 200 euros as it is understood as ‘negligent driving’.

Also, what happens if I have lost a parking ticket? According to Law 40/2002 that regulates public car parks, the company can request compensation in the event that we have lost the parking ticket. Normally, they can make you pay for 24 hours regardless of the time you have been parked (although there are already court rulings that state that it is an abusive payment). After paying the charge, you can ask your insurance company if this incident is covered. They could cover the cost and study possible claims to the company that manages the car park.


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