These jobs can make you a very unhappy person.

These jobs can make you a very unhappy person.

2023-05-28 13:55:00

Harvard University has published a 85 year study in which they tackle the jobs whose employees are the most unhappy. Far from being classist, it analyzes everything from the poorest neighborhoods in the United States to the richest, to which the students of this prestigious university belong.

To the researchers’ surprise, the jobs with the most unhappy employees were not those with the worst pay or conditions, but rather the lonely ones. The key is not to perform one task or another, but yes in the company. What makes people the most unhappy are the guards, the night shifts, and so on.

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The study highlights drivers and delivery people like the most unhappy people. Most of them have to work shifts in which it is difficult for them to reconcile a family life, and in addition, they hardly have contact with their co-workers.

In recent years, and contrary to what we convey, also highlight remote work as a factor for unhappiness. In the same way as with the other examples, teleworking prevents the relationship with colleagues in the company.

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