These two theme funds beat the MSCI World

These two theme funds beat the MSCI World

2023-09-06 17:11:40

Dusseldorf The topics of digitization, sustainability and health have increasingly become the focus of public discourse in recent years. Fund managers have long recognized this. Almost every popular topic has a fund. And: Such theme funds are increasingly attracting the interest of investors, as a study by Scope Fund Analysis shows.

The analysis company examined 281 equity funds on twelve topics. Their capital has increased by almost half to 119 billion euros in the past three years alone. Financial correspondent Ingo Narat explains the high demand for theme funds in the new episode of Handelsblatt Today: “The story can be told well, and a good story also sells well. And as investors, we like to buy them too. No dry financial stuff, something to touch.”

But in most cases, investors pay for their fascination with a good story with their returns, as a comparison with the MSCI World Index in the study shows. “The average investment results for all twelve themes were of course very different, but: for ten of the twelve themes they were lower than the index,” says Narat. On the other hand, two topics have recently performed better than the world index over the year: AI and robotics.

Also: On Friday, the Bundestag wants to vote on the Building Energy Act. However, the preceding discussions have unsettled many citizens. Political correspondent Silke Kersting summarizes the most important facts for owners and tenants. In the podcast, she also clears up a myth.

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