They are fundamentalists, criticizing Sharia punishments is an insult to Islam: Taliban

Kabul: The Taliban told the United Nations that criticizing Sharia punishments is an insult to Islam. The Taliban is a fundamentalist movement and has demanded that countries and organizations not allow individuals to make irresponsible and inflammatory remarks about Islam and its laws in its name.

Such statements insult Islam and violate international principles. In Logar province, the Taliban inflicts barbaric punishments such as flogging. This was criticized by the UN. This is the second time that the Taliban has responded.

The Taliban punishes criminals by public beheading and stoning for crimes such as robbery, kidnapping, and treason. But the Taliban have also made it clear that Taliban leader Mullah Hebatullah Ajundzada has authorized the full application of ‘Sharia’, or Islamic law, against those who commit many crimes. The Taliban also demand that their punishment methods should not be condemned in this way.


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