“They blew me up with blows”: watch the extraordinary documentation of the robbery at the Abramov house

“They blew me up with blows”: watch the extraordinary documentation of the robbery at the Abramov house

(Video courtesy of “News 12”)

Less than a month has passed since the violent robbery at Barak Abramov’s house, and little by little the details are beginning to be revealed. Last night (Wednesday), Guy Peleg revealed on the main edition of News 12 the body camera footage of the police officers who arrived in the dead of night to call the eyewitnesses and arrested the robbers.

The documentation shows how the robbery takes place, step by step: from the moment the robbers enter the parking lot of the luxurious building with a fake license plate, the two-hour wait outside Abramov’s apartment while they are masked, his return home at 3:00 a.m., the aggressive entry into the apartment with him, and the arrival of the police to carry out detention.

When the police arrive at the apartment, with guns drawn, they spot a locked door and one of the robbers is hiding inside. “Everything is fine, why are you like this?” one of the robbers shouts and in response one of the policemen shouts “sit on the floor” and “hands on the window”.

Immediately after the arrest, Abramov himself replayed the minutes of the drama and answered the police’s questions – when, among other things, he testified that he did not know the robbers. “They gagged me and put handcuffs on me, they are in the utility room. I didn’t see a gun. They blew me up with blows, wanted money. They took a watch, a necklace, an earring and they couldn’t take the money. Just as I opened the door, they jumped on me.”

The eyewitness who called Moked 100 also gave her testimony to the police: “I hear him enter and suddenly I hear screams and beatings. They entered with him or they came behind him. I went to bed and said ‘Well, there is something here’. I heard ‘Where is the money, where is it? The money’. My door was locked, they tried to open it and then I immediately called 100. They told him, ‘If you move now, I’ll shoot you in the head.'”


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