They capture ex-minister Geiner Alvarado

They capture ex-minister Geiner Alvarado

The former Minister of Housing of the government of Pedro Castillo was captured after issuing the judicial resolution ordering said measure and his preventive detention for 36 months, for the investigation that is being followed, among other crimes of corruption, for allegedly being part of a criminal organization directed by Castle.


Alvarado was taken to the Prosecutor’s Office without the special agents of the Intelligence Directorate having received the resolution of the Judiciary issued hours before. The former minister was intervened in a condominium in the Lima district of La Molina.

The judicial order was executed by the National Police Intelligence Directorate at approximately 7:30 p.m., first with retention and then his effective capture when the policemen received the judicial decision.

At the time of the intervention, Alvarado was aboard a white van. Previously, against the former minister, the Judiciary had ordered his appearance and compliance with the rules of conduct.


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