They filed a petition in Congress to remove President Pedro Castillo

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Congressmen from three right-wing parties in Peru presented a recall request of the leftist president Pedro Castillo, alleging “moral incapacity” to exercise his functions.

With 28 signatures, two more than those required to start the process before the plenary session of Congress, the motion of “vacancy” was presented by congressmen of the parties Advance Country, Popular Force and Popular Renewal, representing a third of Parliament.

However, their admission to debate in the plenary session is not guaranteed, since this step requires 40 percent of the votes in favor among the attending legislators.

They also need 87 votes out of 130 congressmen to remove a president from office.

“It is declared permanent moral incapacity of the President of the Republic, citizen José Pedro Castillo Terrones, as established in subsection 2 of Article 113 of the Political Constitution of Peru, “can be read in the text of the motion that was disseminated by the press and social networks.

Pedro Castillo, President of Peru. Reuters photo

For his part, Castillo, who took office just four months ago, said he felt “calm” after the presentation of the vacancy request in Parliament, which is dominated by a right-wing opposition, while Peru Libre is the first minority with 37 votes.

“I am not worried about political noises, because the people have chosen me, I have not been chosen by the mafia or the corrupt. That is why I owe myself to the people. I’m calm, “he said in the Andean city of Jauja, where he arrived to inaugurate social works.

In rejection of the impeachment proposal, which is promoted by the congresswoman Patricia chirinos placeholder imageFrom Avanza País, dozens of militants from the ruling Peru Libre party marched with posters calling for “Close the Congress.”

Opposition leader and former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori announced last Friday that her party, Fuerza Popular, the second bench in Congress with 24 votes, will support the impeachment request.

“At Fuerza Popular we believe that this government has been showing a permanent inability to lead the country “he wrote on his official Twitter account.

This same position is maintained by the far-right Popular Renovation party, which called a march in support of the initiative for this Saturday.

How the impeachment request was made

The possible dismissal of Castillo has been in the air from the day after his election, when the right-wing parties they reported fraud.

The President, who took office on July 28 and whose term ends in July 2026, is the subject of criticism that accuses him of lack of direction, while aiming against their constant ministerial crises.

Is that in less than 120 days of management, changed a dozen ministers and it even faces divisions in the coalition that supports it.

According to a survey by the Ipsos consultancy released on November 14, disapproval of Castillo’s figure reached 57 percent.

It is not the first time that an attempt has been made to remove a president in Parliament. Without going any further, in November 2020, Martín Vizcarra was stripped of power in an express process in Congress.

Two years earlier, in March 2018, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigned from the Presidency on the eve of a second impeachment attempt.

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