They investigate a possible case of hemorrhagic fever in San Sebastián

They investigate a possible case of hemorrhagic fever in San Sebastián

2023-06-01 12:41:47

The Donostia de San Sebastián Hospital has activated the established protocol to care for a woman admitted this Thursday with symptoms compatible with hemorrhagic fevers, such as Ebola, after a recent trip to the Central African Republic.

Activado el protocolo por un posible caso de fiebre hemorrágica, como el ébola, en San SebastiánView of the Donostia de San Sebastián Hospital. EFE/Javier Etxezarreta

As confirmed to EFE by sources from the Basque Department of Health, Osakidetza has activated the protocol today at the San Sebastián health center due to the symptoms that the affected person presents that may be compatible with the Ebola virus disease or another infectious disease that is occurring. with hemorrhagic fever.

The Health Department of the Basque Government has released a note in which it announces that the protocol has been activated that sets in motion the special resources of “high security and isolation” in the face of “the suspicion of a case of hemorrhagic fever”.

The woman is “stable”, admitted to the High Biological Safety Unit of the Donostia University Hospital, which Osakidetza has for patients with serious infectious diseases, and “waiting for the results” of tests that can confirm if she has a fever hemorrhagic as ebola, lassa, dengue or marburg.

The device, according to the Ministry, has been implemented by health professionals “in less than 24 hours” to “offer the best care” to the patient and “guarantee their isolation”, their “safety” and that of the team that cares for them.

The Donostia Hospital, in San Sebastián, is one of the seven Spanish hospitals that have a unit with special high-security and isolation resources for the treatment of this disease.

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