They likened it to “sausage” .. King Charles’ fingers raise controversy over his health!

Al-Marsad newspaper: The fingers of the new British king, Charles III, have become an area of ​​discussion among the pioneers of social networks.

He drew the attention of netizens that the new British king has unusually plump, reddish fingers, and they compared them to sausages.

One commentator wrote in a joking tone: “Whoever can remove the ring from this finger will become the next king! As Arthur with the sword embedded in the rock,” while another said, “The fingers look as if they are waiting to explode.”

With all that said, most users expressed concern about the king’s health, one user wrote, “It must be painful. His finger movements are very limited,” and another assumed a diagnosis saying, “This is very similar to rheumatoid arthritis.”

And the doctor, Garrett Ney, in an interview with the Daily Star, pushed the assumption that the redness and swelling of the fingers may be due to the congestion of fluids in the tissues of the king’s body.

Meanwhile, the British edition of “The Mirror” noted that Charles III had “sausage fingers” almost since his birth.


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