They look for the perfect scrotum and find a surprise

They look for the perfect scrotum and find a surprise

2023-05-24 12:15:30

He scrotum It’s not a particularly pretty structure. In fact, there are many people who, for one reason or another, decide to undergo a scrotal lift or scrotoplasty. But what exactly are they looking for? Cosmetic surgery normally seeks to beautify certain parts of the body. But how is a pretty scrotum? That is the question asked by the authors of a study recently published in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. And the truth is that the answer they found was quite surprising.

Basically, they found that there is no pretty scrotum. That, no matter how much its structure is changed, it still looks ugly. But, actually, this is good, because it means that there is no canon of beauty about. They are all unpleasant to look at and yet the people who have them continue to have sex. That doesn’t seem to affect the result.

In addition, the study also shows that, contrary to what happens with penises, it does not seem that viewing pornography changes the perception of the scrotum. It is the ugly cousin of the penis, but it has its function and is not penalized for it, so No need to worry.

What is the scrotum for?

Unlike the ovaries, the testicles must remain outside the body, since the sperm they need a slightly lower temperature to form normally. But they are not exposed. They find each other protected by the scrotumwhich is a skin bag whose muscles also help to regulate the temperature. When it’s hot, they relax, to cool down. Instead, when it’s cold, they contract and the skin wrinkles to concentrate heat.

As a person ages, these muscles weaken and the skin loses elasticity, so the scrotum looks more distended, as if hanging. For all this, from the age of 45 the cases of patients who want to undergo a scrotal lift. Some do it because that hanging scrotum is annoying, especially to perform physical activity. Instead, others do it for simple aestheticsbecause it looks ugly. But where should they go with the operation? How can they make a prettier scrotum?

Woman looking at photos. Brooke Eagle (Unsplash)

The results of the study, as devastating as they are optimistic

To carry out this study, aimed precisely at the search for models for scrotoplasties, photographs of four scrotums were taken. All of them were modified, giving them different sizes, so that nine different conformations were obtained for each one. A total of 36 photos.

They were then shown to 659 men and women, who had to score each photograph. With three of the scrotums there was no difference, in any of the conformations. Both men and women rated them low. As for the room, men rated it significantly better than women. However, he still did not have a very high grade.

On the other hand, all participants were given a quiz about your personality, in which their age, openness to new experiences and use of pornography were also taken into account. None of these data were seen to influence the outcome.

This is important, since, for example, the consumption of pornography does influence the perception of the penis. In fact, men who watch these types of videos tend to be more unhappy with their member. But it doesn’t happen with the scrotum. All this is summed up with the fact that perception does not matter, because it is bad for everyone. So, unless it’s annoying, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to change it. Although it may seem daunting, all of this is great news.

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