They reveal what Elizabeth II died of

The last public act of the queen was the reception to the prime minister, Liz Truss, in Balmoral, Scotland. / JANE BARLOW / AFP

Only Ana and Carlos, now king, were with the monarch at the time of her death, according to the document.


Time of death: 3:10 p.m. Cause: “old age”. Profession: “Her Majesty her the Queen.” The Scottish National Archives has published this Thursday the death certificate of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 at her residence in Balmoral, in the Scottish Highlands.

The publication puts an end to certain speculations that had spread in recent weeks about the real cause of death. Some information had suggested that the monarch could have suffered from a particular ailment at the end of her life, which has now been ruled out.

The certificate was signed by Princess Anne, daughter of Elizabeth II, who accompanied the monarch during her last hours of life. Along with her, Carlos, now king, were the only offspring who were with the queen at the time of her death. Andrés and Eduardo, as well as Carlos’ eldest son, Guillermo, arrived at Balmoral in the afternoon. William’s brother Henry arrived in the Scottish countryside much later.

According to the document, the queen died at 3:10 p.m. local time (one more hour in Spain). Prime Minister Liz Truss was informed at 4:30 p.m. and the announcement of her death was made public at 6:30 p.m., three hours after her death.

Extract from the death certificate of Elizabeth II, made public this Thursday by the National Archives of Scotland. /


If the queen had died in England, it would not have been necessary to register her death as the law only applies to subjects of the sovereign. But the legislation, which dates back to 1836, does not apply in Scotland, which has a different legal system from England and Wales and stipulates that “every person’s death” must be registered.

Elizabeth II’s last public appearance was on September 6, when she tasked new Prime Minister Liz Truss with forming a government. The monarch was smiling, but fragile, leaning on her cane.

In recent years, the palace had remained very discreet about the state of the sovereign’s health. Queen Elizabeth II’s health has been in decline since she spent an unscheduled night in a private London hospital in October 2021, forcing her to withdraw from a series of official engagements.

Buckingham attributed the cancellations to “episodic mobility problems,” meaning difficulties with walking and standing that led her to use a cane and even a motorized stroller at certain public events.


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