They shot at the garbage collectors in Óbuda, two were hospitalized

They shot at the garbage collectors in Óbuda, two were hospitalized

2023-09-24 15:51:20

Two trashcans were shot at with an airsoft gun on Friday morning, TV2 news channel Tények reported. According to the report of a woman from Óbuda who lives nearby, one of the workers was shot in the neck and the other in the stomach.

There was a garbage disposal in the area, a man of around fifty-five years old was disturbed by the noise and became aggressive because of this.

He took out an airsoft rifle and fired at the two men. One of the residents was shocked by the attack.

The workers were injured and taken to hospital. Both men suffered soft tissue injuries, their condition did not appear to be serious, but they were both taken to the emergency room for examination.

Security expert István Hajós said:

an airsoft gun is essentially a toy gun that fires a plastic projectile at a relatively high velocity. It is designed so that it is not dangerous to human life under normal use, but it can cause serious injuries if it is close or if it hits soft parts or physiological parts.

The police immediately arrested the aggressive man. He was taken into custody and his arrest is being initiated.

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