They were afraid of being caught: Russian soldiers escaped in civilian clothes

Many Russian soldiers changed into civilian clothes to avoid being captured by the Ukrainians while they escaped. “They were really scared when they heard the chaos in their chain of command. Officers left the area before the fighting started”

After dozens of towns and villages were liberated in the Kharkiv region, it turns out that the Russians fled, leaving their uniforms behind. A Ukrainian source told The Telegraph that many of the Russian soldiers changed into civilian clothes to blend in with the civilians as they fled. According to him, “They were really scared when they heard the chaos in their chain of command. Officers left the area before the fighting started.”

“There were a lot of uniforms lying around. We caught a few of these guys trying to escape in civilian clothes, they told us incredible stories to save themselves.”

Following the defeat, Putin was forced to fire a general after 16 days in office. Roman Berdnikov was dismissed from his position after being appointed by Putin himself as the commander of the Western Military District of the Russian Army on August 26. According to Ukrainian intelligence, Putin dismissed him following the attack in the northeastern Kharkiv region.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last February, Putin has lost a number of senior military figures. He has lost 63 top military officers since the war in Ukraine began – including three of his own colonels in one day.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his troops had retaken more than 6,000 square kilometers this month, large parts of the territory on the Russian border now under Ukrainian control. Russia’s failed war in Ukraine cost the Russians about $1.5 billion in military equipment in just three weeks. During the 72 hours Recently, Russia has been pushed back in Ukraine almost exactly to where it was in 2014 when Ukraine even sent troops into the occupied Donbas region.

As part of a Ukrainian strategic move, Zelensky regained most of its lost territory, which means that Russia worked six months to seize territory, and came away with almost nothing. In fact, Russia lost more than it gained.

Vladyslav Abdullah, the spokesman for the Ukrainian security services said: “Under the pressure of the Ukrainian fighters, the Russian occupiers flee and leave behind entire arsenals of weapons, we know what to do with them and we will definitely use them as planned against the enemies.”


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