They weren’t even close: the famous one in the hamsa costume

They weren’t even close: the famous one in the hamsa costume

For an entire season, the panel members swept us away with different and varied guesses: from Moran Atias and Maggi Ezerzer, through Noa Tashbi to Etti Kharif, but this evening it was revealed that the Hamsa had their eyes on them – and they weren’t even close. The person who was revealed behind the mask was the acclaimed actress Shani Klein – and if you were wondering how the clues led to her, this is the full story

Who is the Hamsa revealed in “The Masked Singer”? | Photo: From “The Singer in the Mask”, Keshet 12

They weren’t close: not Maggie Ezerzer, not even Moran Atias, and certainly not Eti Kharif. Tonight, after another excellent performance of hers, Hamsa received the lowest number of votes from the panel members and the audience in the studio and had to leave “The Masked Singer”. The person who was revealed behind the mask was, to the panel’s surprise, the acclaimed actress Shani Klein (“Zero in Human Relations”, “Dumb”).

Shani Klein is the Hamsa in “The Masked Singer” | Photo: from “The Singer in the Mask”, Keshet 12

Klein, who also played in “Harmon”, “Duz Poa”, “Shakshuka” and many other TV series, revealed in “The Masked Singer” a huge singing talent and impressive vocal abilities that we did not know. How did the clues lead to her? The full crack is in front of you.

The first clue

  1. At the first hint, Hamsa gathered from her bowl a handful of eyes against the evil eye. One eye rested on a stone with the Israeli flag painted on it. In doing so, Klein hinted to us about the short film in which she previously acted: “For the glory of the State of Israel”.
  2. The Hamsa then placed an eye on a stone with the United States flag painted on it. Klein played in the movie “Zero in Human Relations”, whose rights were sold to the United States and is intended to become a series. In addition, this film was distributed and screened in the United States with great success.
    The starring film was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, founded by Robert De Niro | Photo: from “The Singer in the Mask”, Keshet 12
  3. When the security guard looked into the mikvah, he saw a reflection of the actor Robert De Niro. The film “Zero in Human Relations” was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, founded by De Niro.
  4. Hamsa placed at the Buddha’s feet a stone engraved with “TLV-LY555 through a plate”. Klein played an employee of the National Airport in a short film called “What Doesn’t Kill You”. She also worked in El Al’s customer service, hence the reference to the Israeli airline.

The second clue

  1. The Hamsa presented Ofira Esayeg with a voucher for a facial treatment called “Malka for a day” at the aesthetic center “The Masked Singer”. Klein played in the television series “Ma’ila” in the role of Yaffe Maksimov, owner of an aesthetics institute.

The third clue

  1. In the divas special, Hamsa chose to sing “Hero”. She said that, “The song doesn’t just talk about a hero, but about a real hero. A hero for himself. Mariah Carey wrote in the song that every person has an inner strength that allows him to strengthen himself, both in sickness and in difficulty, and to inspire those around him. I can really relate to that “. Klein suffers from fibromyalgia, which she talks about openly. Klein shares her situation and the difficulties she faces as a result of the disease.

The fourth clue

  1. The Hamsa scratch card was made up of 12 European country flags. The reference is of course to Eurovision and number 12, Deus Pois. Klein played in the mini-series “Does Pois” which was produced for the Eurovision event in Israel, in 2019.

The fifth clue

  1. Ofira chose Hamsa to sing “Material Girl”. Hamsa thanked her, “It is an honor for me to perform a song by the Queen Mother, Madonna. She is an inspiration in every sense, but mainly in the crazy health and fitness she takes care of. I try to follow in her footsteps and make sure, especially on such intense days of rehearsals, to drink a lot of water.” Klein was the presenter of the General Health Insurance Fund in the campaign for the “Active” app, which aims to maintain health through exercise, drinking water and eating right._OBJ


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