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twelve o’clock, April 9, 2021 – 10:14 am

Theater and pandemic: Licia Lanera forced to leave

of Fabrizio Versienti

Licia Lanera

When the pandemic is over, everything will be different, of course. But not because we have become better and wiser; the reason will be that we will have to relearn to live and do everything we did before in a changed world. We will have to start clearing the field of rubble, updating the list of those economic, scientific, cultural realities that have not made it. Overwhelmed by the lack of income, the lack of activities, the defections. For example, theater. The risk of desertification is strong. Before, many thought that theater was a genre of luxury, anachronistic and very snobbish. It is easy to imagine what will happen next.

Yet, there are those who dream (literally, of dream activity during sleep) full theaters, a return to the pleasure of sitting in a dark and crowded audience with their eyes aimed at one or more actors on the stage acting other lives. , tell other worlds. Meantime, companies close. Licia Lanera, a leading name in the Apulian theater, one of the few to have national recognition and appreciation, announces that she is leaving the physical headquarters of her company, unable to pay for it anymore. And he writes on Facebook that we will not take a new space, we have neither the economies nor the desire to continue investing in a land that does not want us. What will be, will be. Crises strengthen the body and spirit, and sharpen the wits. Lanera, an Ubu award-winning actress, was one of Ronconi’s pupils in the last period of her life, she toured Italy first with the shows of the Parallel Fibers, and then of the company that bears her name. Lastly, she was among the protagonists of the Red Zone at the Bellini theater in Naples, and will bring it on stage when the time comes. But it doesn’t have its own space.

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When the new city councilor for culture, Ines Pierucci, organized the opening night of the restored Piccinni theater, entrusted her with the artistic direction. But there was no follow-up, thanks to the pandemic, and long timeframes for any decision on cultural issues by public administrations; times that do not deal with the problems and needs of operators. The municipal administration has now completed the restoration of a series of precious spaces for cultural activities: the Piccinni, but also the Margherita, the former fish market. Why not start deciding immediately what to do with them, promoting now, and not after the pandemic, tenders for their management? Thus we could begin to sow the future, to restart on the right foot as soon as the past emergency allows it.

April 9, 2021 | 10:14

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