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The third dose of Covid vaccine, the administration of which was open to all over 40s who had carried out the second for at least 6 months, is now available after 5 months. What should those who have already booked do? A vademecum, region by region

On Tuesday 23 November the advance of the booster dose of the anti-Covid vaccine from 6 to 5 months was made official (with the publication in the Official Gazette of the AIFA determination which gave rise to a circular from the Ministry of Health) on the third dose: why it must be done, and when).

In other words: starting from November 24, the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine (or the second for those who have taken a dose of Johnson & Johnson) is available to anyone over 40 years old and has received the second dose (or the only dose, in the case of Johnson & Johnson) for at least 5 months.

Many citizens had already booked for the third dose following the previous limit, that of 6 months, and now they are embarrassed: better to anticipate the reservation? Is worth? And how to do it, practically? Given the differences in the different systems, here is a guide, region by region.

(Stefania Chiale) The system, explains the Lombardy Region Welfare Department (details here), will allow you to cancel the appointment taken from the evening of Wednesday 24 November, and to rebook. With a gigantic but: the agendas will be expanded, but the Region admits that it is advisable to keep your reservation for now and, if necessary, change it later. In fact, the risk is to cancel the appointment and then to find one even further in time, until all the agendas are open. Some pharmacies in Milan actually take reservations for the third dose at 5 months.

(Michela Nicolussi Moro) The Local Health Units of Veneto – as detailed here – have started updating their respective booking sites starting from the same evening of Tuesday 23 November: those who have already booked six months after the second dose can cancel the booking and choose a new date indicated by the system one month in advance. in fact, the portal calculates exactly the times from the second dose and offers the user more options between dates and times, within which to choose the most congenial ones. Attention: reservations are valid for vaccinations in the 58 vaccination hubs; if you prefer to take anti-Covid (both for the primary cycle and for the booster booster) from your GP or pharmacy, you must contact them directly.

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(Simona de ciero) In Piedmont the citizen can change the reservation in the personal area of ​​the website and move the date and place of the injection, anticipating or postponing it according to the needs and availability of agendas. Who has yet to book? The age group 40-79 years blocks their third dose on the same website from 15 days preceding the maturation of 5 months from the date of the recall. After 10 days from the maturity of the requirement, if the citizen has not booked the third injection, the regional health system calls him directly, via text message. All the other categories – immunocompromised, highly fragile, health personnel, operators and guests of the RSA, over 80 – automatically access the third dose (without having to book) and are contacted directly by the structures that have them in charge, by the Health Authorities after reporting the general practitioner or, in the case of residences for the elderly, within the same structure in which they work or live. Public and private health professionals can book or move the third dose of the vaccine even in the pharmacy.

(Clarida Salvatori) In Lazio – as explained in detail here – there are two options: either you stay booked for six months or you can change your booking in advance. As for the risk of having it further, as times, I think it is difficult since for December and January there are still about one million slots available and therefore bookable.

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(Giulio Gori) In Tuscany, the problem of anticipating the booking for the third dose, now that it has been brought to five months after the recall and no longer to six, does not arise: the appointment was and can only be booked in the 14 days preceding the day in which the right to have the booster dose matures (here the detail). So, whoever would have been entitled to the dose in January, and now has the option to have it in December, could not have made the appointment already. In any case, with the Last Minute service, which opens every evening to offer empty seats on the next day, the website of the Tuscany Region Vaccino Book automatically takes care of canceling the appointment already made for a later date. Furthermore, the possibility of self-presentation at the hubs remains in force, without reservation, even if the doses present in the vaccination center are subject to availability or not.

Emilia Romagna

(Antonio Scolamiero) In Bologna, the guidelines of the region are still awaited on the possibility of anticipating from 6 to 5 months. For the third dose – in general – the principle is to contact the Cup counters (but not in the pharmacy), to go to the toll-free number 800 884888, from the CupWeb (, from the electronic health record and from the ER App -Health.

In Campania no reservation is required for the third dose. Anyone can access the administration by presenting themselves at the vaccination centers with a health card and certificate issued on the occasion of the second dose. This procedure was valid for six months, now it is also valid for five months. There are also no territorial limits: who from Naples can, for example, get vaccinated in Benevento, and vice versa.

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(Nicol Delvecchio) In Puglia the possibilities to anticipate the third dose are many (here the detail). The simplest are two: call the Cup or go to the pharmacy. In fact, operators and pharmacists can preview the available dates and immediately tell if, by canceling the previous booking, it is possible to anticipate the injection. But in the Region you can also make an appointment with your GP or in the same pharmacies, it being understood that you can always show up at the hubs even without a reservation. on the other hand, it is a risk to do the procedure online: in fact, from the dedicated portal you cannot see the available dates in preview, and canceling the reservation already made may mean having to postpone the third dose.

(Roberto Chifari) Sicily too – as explained in detail here – aligns itself with the directives from the latest circular from the national Commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency. In consideration of the 5 months advance of the times for the booster dose from 40 years and up and in case a reservation has already been made at six months, the Covid commissioner for Palermo and the Province, Renato Costa, reassures: Who is in this he can go directly to the hubs without a reservation: we vaccinate him without any problem. Our interest is to vaccinate as many people as possible. We are greatly increasing vaccinations to reach all age targets.

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