third time ice cream? The Competition Authority again opposes the merger between Yifat and Basila

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Yifat Media’s additional attempt to merge online information research entities has once again met with opposition from the Competition Authority, which states that “a merger between two of the three largest companies for online monitoring and research could harm competition with businesses and public entities consuming the services.”

When people want to follow the discourse about them on the Internet and in the media they turn to these companies, and on the basis of the data one can analyze how many talk about the brand in a positive way and how in a negative way, one can check consumer behavior, characterize customer needs and more.

According to the authority, a merger between the company will produce an merged company with a market share of more than half of the market (it does not have to be a genius to reach this conclusion when there are 3 companies) and according to the authority Unilateral market power vis-à-vis customers, even though Yifat already has great power in the market. “In light of this, the approval of the merger would have allowed the Yifat Group to further strengthen its position vis-à-vis customers seeking information of both types – traditional and the Internet, and to make it difficult for competitors to develop in the industry,” the authority says.

It will be recalled that in 2012 Yifat and Basila submitted a request to merge, but rejected it due to opposition from the authority, which she said, “since then there has been no change that now justifies approving the merger – on the contrary, concerns about the merger have only become more significant over the years.”

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