“Third wave covid will cause many deaths”

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“It is essential to try to stop a third wave, powerful, which will cause many deaths and which, to a large extent, has already started”. Massimo Galli, head of the infectious diseases department of the Sacco hospital in Milan, thus expresses himself on the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic. Italy is preparing to divide itself between the red zone and the orange zone from Monday 15 March, according to the measures provided for by the new decree.

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“We need to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. Especially at this time when the pandemic is ramping up: what matters above all is to protect yourself,” he told time.news Health. To stop this wave and to “avoid closures that are painful for everyone” we need to “vaccinate many people”. And we need all the weapons available. According to Galli, the story of the withdrawal of the AstraZeneca batch must not cause us to lose sight of this: “The AstraZeneca vaccine, however, gave more than enough performance to guarantee an immune response to the vast majority of young and healthy people or to the not so young but in good health. Personally, if I had not already had the vaccination, and if, with the current information, they had proposed me today to have the AstraZeneca vaccine, I would have done it without hesitation “.

After the case of the suspended batch “it was foreseeable that there would be waivers of vaccination. Unfortunately this was the most untimely event that could happen. Out of 10 million vaccinated with any vaccine – explains Galli to time.news Salute – it is practically certain that in “6 deaths from sudden death will occur in the 6 days following vaccination. But there are 6 deaths that always occur out of 10 million people, regardless of whether or not there was a vaccine”. These are “expected events. There will be, on a given number of people, a certain number of heart attacks, strokes and so on for various pathologies”.

It is therefore important, according to Galli, to inform people who can develop doubts about vaccines by reminding them that “coincidences not only exist but are expected. And in the face of coincidences, you have to keep your nerve and understand that these are just coincidences. Not. we can avoid that a doubt remains in the man in the street, but this, unfortunately, is profoundly wrong “.

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