Thirty years ago the maxi landings of the Albanians in Puglia: Rama and Di Maio in Bari

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An event to remember March 5 at the Apulian Regional Council. And from the new Verdi theater in Brindisi on 7 March live streaming of the reminiscent show “Don’t be afraid” by Francesco Niccolini

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The Puglia Region, on the thirtieth anniversary of Albanian emigration, will remember the events on Friday 5 March with an extraordinary session of the Regional Council which will be attended by the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama and the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. On 7 March 1991 the city of Brindisi woke up with dozens of ships, with 27,000 Albanians on board, coming from the other side of the Adriatic. And then the landing of the Vlora ship in Bari on 8 August 1991, with the arrival of 20,000 Albanians. Events that have marked the relations between the Apulian people and the Albanian people. Together with the President of the Region Michele Emiliano and the President of the Council Loredana Capone, the delegation of the Albanian government with the Minister of State for Reconstruction Arben Ahmetaj, the Minister of Health and social assistance Ogerta will be present in the classroom. Manastirliu, the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Evis Kushi, and Fate Velaj, a member of the Parliament, the Deputy Minister Teresa Bellanova and the Undersecretaries Assuntela Messina, Anna Macina, Rosario Sasso, Ivan Scalfarotto and Francesco Paolo Sisto. Also present were the diplomatic representatives, the ambassador of Italy in Tirana Fabrizio Bucci, the ambassador of the Republic of Albania Anila Bitri Lani and the consul general of the Republic of Albania in Italy Gentiana Mburimi. The President of the European Parliament David Sassoli will speak on video.

Side events

The events preceding the council meeting include the inauguration of the “Exodus” exhibition, curated by Nicola Genco, set up in the Agora of the Regional Council Building and the performance of the cellist Redi Hasa. The exhibition «Companions and Angels» curated by Alfredo Pirri is set up in the same spaces. The rectors of the Apulian universities will deliver to Prime Minister Rama a copy of the manual for the restart “Safe Regions” translated into Albanian and drawn up thanks to the work of 130 personalities from the scientific world of the four universities with the coordination of the cultural association “L’Isola which is not there. “

From the Verdi theater

In Brindisi, on Sunday 7 March at 6 pm, the Nuovo Teatro Verdi with the support of the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese presents in streaming the show «Don’t be afraid. Grand Hotel Albania », a monologue by Francesco Niccolini with Luigi D’Elia, in a new setting that hosts a trans-Adriatic ensemble composed of Claudio Prima (accordion and voice), Nevila Cobo (violin) and Merita Alimhillaj (cello). As a corollary an interview, by the journalist Antonio Celeste, with the Albanian premier Edi Rama, with the mayor of Brindisi Riccardo Rossi and with the mayor of the time, Giuseppe Marchionna, whose testimony will have the task of reconstructing those dramatic days, the mobilization of the institutions and the extraordinary enthusiasm of the Brindisi community.

March 3, 2021 | 17:08

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