Thiruvalluvar Award for Meenakshi Sundaram; Cameraman Award for Kumari Ananthan: Chief Minister Stalin’s announcement | Thiruvalluvar Award for Meenakshi Sundaram for erecting a statue of Thiruvalluvar in Perungalur; Senior Political Leader Kumari Ananthan receives Grand Leader Cameras Award: Government of Tamil Nadu Announcement

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Chennai: Ion for 2022 Thiruvalluvar Award in Bangalore Thiruvalluvar Chief Minister Stalin has said that Meenakshi Sundaram, who was responsible for the unveiling of the statue, and the legendary Congress leader Kumari Ananthan will be given the Chief Kamarasar Award.

about this Government of Tamil Nadu In the decree released today, ” Ion for 2022 ” Thiruvalluvar Award for ‘Meenakshi Sundaram’s living in Bangalore and’ Grand Leader Cameras Award ‘for 2021 Selver of the word The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has issued an order to give it to Kumari Ananthan too.

Every year, the government of Tamil Nadu, the spread of the norm of Thirukkural Thiruvalluvar Ion for those who are interested in charity related to the installation of the statue Thiruvalluvar The award is being presented. Accordingly, the Manal President of the Bangalore Tamil Sangam and the Chairman of the All India Tamil Sangam Assembly in 2009 under the chairmanship of Manal Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi in Bangalore. Thiruvalluvar He was one of the pioneers in unveiling the statue and was one of the pioneers in setting up and unveiling the Tolkappiyar statue in the Kappiyak forest in Kanyakumari district. Thiruvalluvar Presents the award.

Similarly, one of the senior political leaders of Tamil Nadu who worked with Perunthalaivar Kamarasar, a Member of Parliament who addressed questions in Tamil and a member of the Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly, was a scholar and orator in Tamil literature, and a prolific writer of Tamil literature. Selver of the word Dr. Kumari Ananthan (age 88) is being awarded the Grand Leader Camaraderie Award by the Government of Tamil Nadu for the year 2021.

Each of the awardees will receive a cash prize of one lakh rupees, a shaving gold medal, a certificate and a gold medal. The awards will be presented by Chief Minister MK Stalin.


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