this captivating Spanish series is a hit on Netflix

this captivating Spanish series is a hit on Netflix

2023-05-31 15:21:55

A new Spanish series is a hit on Netflix in France. Check out the reviews of the streaming platform.

“Another masterpiece”, “It’s heavy”, “a masterclass” … Internet users are not lacking in praise for one of the new programs available on Netflix. Released on May 19, this Spanish series rose to the top 10 of the most watched non-English speaking series worldwide on Netflix. And even if the season ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the spectators in suspense, the subscribers are won over: “it’s really a nugget” can we read on Twitter, when others encourage Internet users to watch this new program .

In less than a week, the first season of The silence garnered 35.1 million views and reached second place among the most watched international series around the world. In France, it climbed into the top 5, English and non-English speaking programs combined.

The silence is full of mysteries. Spectators follow the story of Sergio, accused of having murdered his parents when he was a minor and who was sentenced to six years in prison. During all this time, he did not utter a word. On his release from prison, he is followed by a psychiatrist, who must decide if he represents a real danger to society. The first six episodes of the first season are already visible on Netflix.

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