This coming July: The “Ashdodance” festival is back and huge for Ashdod

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The International Dance Festival “Ashdodance” returns for the fifth time and will host on stage the Mediterranean divas Ishtar and Lynette for a huge show with 2,000 dancers. The festival will be opened by Eli Butner and the Foreign Children, who will host Ninet, Nasreen Kadri and Raviv Kinner for a colorful and young Israeli celebration.

The Ashdodance Festival, the international dance festival, will be held for the fifth time for four days between the 11th and 14th of July. The festival will include Israeli and international dance performances with the participation of the leading dance groups in Israel and the world, as well as well-known singers who will perform live and their sounds will be danced by thousands of dancers in various halls and centers in the city.

The official opening show of the festival is “Summer Days” – a huge show by Eli Butner and the children abroad, who will host Ninet Tayeb, Nasreen Kadri and Raviv Kinner for a colorful and young Israeli celebration. All the familiar hits will be accompanied by about 2,000 dancers from Israeli bands in original choreographies created especially for the show by artistic director Avi Levy.

Lint.  Credit: SAPA GULSAY

Later in the festival, the performances will take place “LETS JUMP“- A hip-hop show with the Genesis band that picked up awards in Israel and around the world with a show that will make you move.” Let’s have a holiday “- a dance show to the sounds of Yigal Bashan’s songs. An original movement tribute to the best of Bashan’s great hits.

There will also be a French tavern festival – an evening of romance around tables with Yossi Azoulay, a Moroccan tavern with Haim Oliel, Sami Lazmi and other guests, a Greek tavern, a Mediterranean celebration produced by Makor around tables with Boaz Tabib.

Raviv Fiddler - Photo: Dudi Hasson

The festival will also host “Haflamenka – Egyptian Flamenco” – an exciting and innovative show inspired by the well-known work “Inta Omri” by singer Umm Kulthum combining rhythms from the world of flamenco, and “Latin Party” – a musical performance by Basma with a show combining hits The largest from Latin America.

The closing performance of the festival – “Dialna”, a huge tribute to the culture of Maghreb Jewry combined with the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra that includes 25 Israeli dance groups, about 2,000 dancers.

The show will be accompanied by special performances by Ishtar, Lynette, Yossi Azulai, David Daur, Sapir Saban, Sami Lazmi, Haim Oliel, Gusto and the Azimut Band for the performance of the super-temporary classics.

Eli Butner.  Photo: Yuval Erel

Among all the impressive performances, there will be events open to the general public during the festival, including: open dances, a performance by veteran bands and a tribute to Tirza Atar’s songs, a lecture by Rafi Alkobi – “A trip to Morocco from my eyes”, an Israeli experience show. The Israeli for creating original dance pieces and more.

The mayor, Dr. Yechiel Lasri: “After two challenging and not easy years for everyone and the world of culture in particular, ‘Ashdodance’, brings thousands of dance enthusiasts to the city and places it on the map of Israel’s culture. We are happy to hold the festival for the fifth time, which has become a holiday in the middle of summer in Ashdod. “

Ninet Tayeb.  Credit: Daniel Kaminsky

Avi Levy, the festival’s artistic director: “The works and choreographies created for the four days of the festival are the result of unique artistic work, for magical performances full of movement and sounds from around the world. We are excited to come and invite you to enjoy dozens of music and dance performances.”

Yossi Atar, producer of the festival: “The Ashdodance Festival has become a tradition in our city, this year we are expanding the festival to the worlds of content of various works from the worlds of Israeli visual art to create original and innovative pieces, with the world of dance leading and integrating wonderfully.”

For more details and to register for events, click here!

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