This drink is good for mental health and skin glow; Madhuri Dixit reveals secret | Madhuri Dixit reveals her healthy drink | Reason behind glowing skin

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So.Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit is very active in shale media. She constantly shares pictures of her favorite foods for her fans. Madhuri’s skin is glowing in her 30s, even in her 50s. They have revealed the skin secret that fans have been searching for for a long time. The actress said this on her official Instagram page.

Madhuri shared the picture in front of Karik. Guess what, that drink is nothing but coconut water. The actress says that she adds coconut water to her diet every day. The actress added that her favorite drink, coconut water, helps to reduce stress, brighten the skin and maintain good health.

Recently, the actress shared a picture of herself eating with her mother and a video of her eating a Gujarati dish for her fans.

Content highlights: madhuri dixit reveals the healthy drink that keeps her skin glowing


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