‘This is an act of insult to you by Kim Jong Un’ New ban enforced in North Korea!

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North Korea has reportedly banned leather jackets and trench coats so that ordinary people do not copy Kim Jong Un’s style.

Radio Free Asia (RFA) has reported that it is disrespectful to follow or copy the fashion choices of North Korean leaders.

Therefore, in order to stop the cheap shades, the public is prohibited from wearing leather trench coats and jackets.

To control this, fashion police are patrolling the streets and confiscating jackets from vendors, the report said.

Photo: Reuters

When Kim appeared on a TV show in 2019, leather trench coats became popular in North Korea.

Initially, the RFA claimed that genuine leather coats were imported from China and were popular among the wealthy who could afford them.

But soon local clothing manufacturers started importing fake leather and making it locally, offering it to customers at a relatively low price.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of Kim Jong Un’s appearance on another TV show this year.

During the military parade at the 8th Party Congress in January this year, the Highest Dignity and all high officials wore leather coats.

Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yoo Jong also wore a leather coat. This fashion became a “symbol of powerful women”.

Recently, police in Pyongyang began seizing coats from vendors and those wearing them in public.

At the time, after the public objected to the purchase of the coat with their own money, officials said that wearing clothes designed by Kim Jong Un was “an impure tendency to challenge the authority of the Highest Dignity”.


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