This is how a helicopter collapsed in which 4 soldiers died

This is how a helicopter collapsed in which 4 soldiers died

INFOBAE. Various videos show the moment when a helicopter from the Colombian National Army falls to the ground in the municipality of Quibdó, capital of the department of Chocó.

In accordance with In RadioOn board the helicopter was Lieutenant Julieth GarciaCaptain Hector Jerez and the sergeants Johan Orozco y Ruben Leguizamon (all deceased).

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The authorities arrived at the scene. There, the colonel Hector Alfonso Candelario He exposed the preliminary information of the accident.

Colonel Candelario confirmed that the aircraft was carrying out supply functions in the area. What they did was bring food to the members of the Army who carried out their duties in this territory.

helicopter details

It would be the registration helicopter EJC 4227 UH1Nwhich was moving towards baudó, collided.

According to the uniformed officer, when they arrived at the area where the aircraft fell, they found the helicopter completely incinerated. They also found two bodies at the scene.

In addition, searches were carried out in the surroundings, since witnesses affirmed that two more crew members jumped before the impact.

Cause of the accident

According to information from The Colombianthe preliminary hypothesis handled by the authorities, is that Could it be an engine failure?.

“A few minutes ago an Army helicopter crashed in Quibdó while doing supply work. I have ordered the authorities to immediately move to the area to deal with the emergency and investigate the causes of what happened,” the Colombian president published. Gustavo Petro a Twitter.

The president confirmed from the same social network, the death of the four uniformed men who were on board the aircraftassuring that there were no survivors.


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