This is how Einav Bublil celebrated a white halakha

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In all its splendor, Einav Bublil celebrated last Thursday with her son Yosef Nachman Halaka, an event in which it is customary to cut the hair of three-year-olds for the first time.

If you thought Bublil would mark the occasion quietly in the arms of the small family, you probably did not get to know her in depth.

The event took place in a hall in Netivot, and what was not there? Nuts stand, challah packages for Shabbat and challah preparation packages, a balloon stand with a royal chair in the center, souvenirs of branded domes and scarves, a graffiti stand and more. The person in charge of designing the event is Ricky’s Cakes, who also set up a setting that resembles a castle.

The Benisti family, Photo: Instagram

The bride of the event, who is the mother of the little groom, wore two locks, both of her partner and her friend Moran Tobol. The first was a tight sheer white dress that combined lace with delicate sequins and fringes. The look was completed by shoes by super designer Jimmy Choo, and costs 850 euros. The second dress was white with touches of black and asymmetrical cuts, and this look was completed by Bublil with factory 54 boots.

The Second Look, Photo: From Instagram, Moran Tobol

It should be noted that the second dress is offered for rent, and Jimmy Choo Bublil’s shoes sell for 700 euros. Hairdresser Dvir Twick and makeup artist Liat Eshed Cohen, with whom Bublil studied bridal makeup, were in charge of the makeup and hair.

Royal throne, Photo: Instagram

The stories posted by Bublil on Instagram were commented on by many women, including one who asked her if she did not think she was exaggerating. To which she replied that “if I thought it was excessive I would not do. I am a carbonated girl and that’s how I like.”

Einav and Eli Benisti, Photo: From Instagram

Bublil was later asked what would happen to the bat mitzvah celebration for girls, to which she gave a surprising answer: “I do not do a bat mitzvah, nor does a bar mitzvah in a hall, there will only be an increase in excessive Torah.” Well, I wonder what her daughters think of that, and whether the last word was said.

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