This is how Maná responded when remembering his statements against Chile for the maritime lawsuit – 2024-03-01 23:29:17

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2024-03-01 23:29:17

Fher Olivera, during his press conference at Viña 2024, referred to the old statements he gave on the subject.

The Mexican group Manna He spoke with the previous one on the day before what will be his show at the Viña del Mar Festival 2024an occasion in which they referred to the old statements regarding Bolivia’s maritime demand in 2017.

This year, Oliver’s man, vocalist, criticized our country’s position of denying the request of the neighboring country, which led to a lawsuit before The Hague. “If we were a little more united we would be a little more brothers with the other countries“He said in a show.

“Chile is very big… I don’t want Chileans to hate me, I’m going to say what I feel in my heart. It is very, very big, it is very long… a little bit that they would give itthe same with Peru, to have a sea outlet,” he added.

This is how Maná, specifically Fher, referred to its then position regarding maritime demand at the Viña 2024 press conference. “Sometimes things are taken out of context.“He began pointing out.

“I gave a very respectful opinion to say Hey, one day the governments of Chile and Bolivia could agree to open a strip for Bolivia to go out to the sea, and maybe it would workbut of course, you cannot interfere with the integrity of a country, or if a country does not want to do“he added.

Along the same lines, he argued that “countries are sovereign over our territories. It is as if the United States told Mexico Hey, give me a strip to get to Tijuana. We would all say no to the truth. But if there was a more humanistic reason, which was my part, then we could agree“.

Weren’t more going to come to Chile?

Given the rumors at that time that suggested that Maná would never come to Chile again, Fher Olivera assured that He never wanted to “veto” our country.

“I never wanted, for any reason, to say that it was a duty of Chile or its Government, or that we were not going to come and play. I believe that Chile is one of the countries where Maná, per capita, sells more records, historically we do concerts, we have recorded here, we have friends. It is a country that has given us a lot, we are not going to say that we are not going to come here,” she indicated.

Finally, he noted that “Chile is one thing for me, a beautiful country, a treat to come touch this country“.

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