This Is How Mohanlal Talked About The Dreams Of Pranav Mohanlal A While Ago

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Now, Mohanlal’s words about Pranav in an old interview are also getting attention. In an interview to Kairali TV, Mohanlal opened his mind about Pranav. The presenter was asking about his dreams about his son. Mohanlal’s reply was that he should live as he wished. Pranav was a 10th class student at that time.

‘I do not know what to do now. If I want something and he’s not there, my wish does not matter. Let him decide after he has learned. My son is in 10th class now and sometimes when he is 12 he will come and tell me what he wants, ‘said Mohanlal. Mohanlal points out that his father never told him what to do and told him to choose on his own. “When I was studying for my undergraduate degree, my father told me to finish my degree first and then choose my own path, and maybe that’s what I would tell my son,” he said.

Anyway, the son was going to the cinema through the path of that father. Pranav first appeared in front of the camera as a child actor in the first one. Aadi is directed by Jeethu Joseph. The second film is The 21st Century. The latest movie Hridayam is getting ready for release. The release will be in theaters. Darshana Rajendran and Kalyani Priyadarshan are the heroines. The teaser of the film was released the day before. The children of Priyadarshan-Mohanlal-Sreenivasan, who directed the hit Malayalam film, are coming together. Meanwhile, Pranav is also playing the lead role in Mohanlal’s Marakkar.

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Rachel David’s words about Pranav’s first heroine became news yesterday. Rachel says that Pranav is her best friend in the film industry. Rachel says the friendship she had then is still alive today. Rachel says that Pranav is an active user of WhatsApp and others. Rachel says that she was proud of Pranav when she heard the Darshana song. The actor had said that he still has to explore Pranav.

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