This is how Ruslana Rudina looked in her youth

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If you ask us what one of our favorite challenges is, it sure will be trying to identify which of the parents the children of the celebs are similar to. The challenge becomes twofold when both parents are famous, as in the case of Jan Golan, the son of Eyal Golan and Ruslana Rudina – who has been in the headlines since he was in his mother’s womb, and continues to arouse curiosity over the years as he grows and matures.

Just recently little Jan was celebrating his seventh birthday, and we’re still debating who he’s more like – Mom or Dad. Luckily Ruslana is here to remind us, in this case – whose waters are stronger.

In a particularly sweet story, Ruslana shared a childhood photo of herself from a family album – presenting there an unambiguous resemblance to her little white face. She did the browsing on the photo album together with Jan, and he is the one who documented the photo from time to time. So who is he more like?

Do you also see Jan in a daughter? Ruslana in her youth | Photo: From Instagram, instagram

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