This is how you can inherit a house without having the Infonavit credit paid

This is how you can inherit a house without having the Infonavit credit paid

2023-10-02 04:57:14

There are times when you may encounter certain circumstances that can become a benefit. Within this, it is also necessary to know instances that are valuable, so it is necessary to explain how you can inherit a house from Infonavit, without having settled the corresponding credit.

The National Institute of Housing for Workers (Infonavit), indicates to begin with, that this amount of money that is provided to be able to access a home constitutes a long-term debt, a space where unforeseen events of all kinds may occur. .

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Now, based on this last factor, we have to consider having a will, which can be a somewhat complicated procedure, whether you are in good health or not. But the truth is, it is a great prevention measure that helps a lot.

How to inherit a house from Infonavit without having settled the corresponding credit?

Let’s start by mentioning that Infonavit also brings the possibility of including the Second Due to Death, which tends to settle the debt of the working population or, ultimately, to accredited persons in the event that there has been a death. That is, the family members do not undertake any payment commitment.

Also consider that people can complete their procedure and make the corresponding Death Insurance valid by contacting Infonatel (0 800 008 3900) or directly going to the Infonavit Service Center (CESI) with the necessary documents.

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Let’s conclude by expressing that you should always share some valuable data with your family, such as your credit number and your Social Security number (SSN).

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