This is my vacation budget. Get paid to stay in a heavenly hotel

To be paid to spend a holiday in a superb hotel-club, sea view, all expenses paid? What is called a dream job and yet you are not dreaming. This summer, the Belambra hotel chain offered this job to ten lucky people, chosen from 6 500 candidates. “It’s a golden opportunity”, assures Emma, ​​one of the participants. With her companion, the young woman spent a week in a hotel-club on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the Gard. She was paid minimum wage.

“I think I was lucky but it wasn’t a draw or a competition where you won an all-inclusive stay. It was a job.”

To participate, Emma responded to a job offer published by Belambra in the spring. The French company has renovated some of its hotel clubs and wanted to collect feedback from “ordinary” customers, without falling into the satisfaction questionnaire at the end of the stay, which few holidaymakers take part in. Emma, ​​she had to answer a battery of questions on leaving. “There weren’t a lot of negative things, just a few remarks. For example, we couldn’t see the opening hours of the swimming pool on the application but we had to go to read the sign”remembers the young woman.

It must be said that the hotel where she rested was brand new. But, for all that, this stay was not easy because Emma worked as an influencer during her vacation. She had to stage, shoot, edit and post videos on Instagram. Beach, swimming pool, sauna, restaurant, parties… We had to show all the possible activities, in and around the complex.

“They didn’t select us for our number of social media followers.says Emma. I don’t have a lot of them and I know they can work with influencers who have a huge impact. But I think they wanted to have an authentic side to it.” Even if the young woman does not come from the middle of the influence, the remuneration of her posts on the social networks was still assumed. But she assures : she felt free to make the publications she wanted. “We were really sincere. The goal was to make our friends jealous and show all the activities we could do!”she laughs.

If you’re not afraid of making your friends too jealous, Belambra intends to republish these dream job offers in the coming years. Other hotel groups, such as Accor, also use stay testers. A tip for hitting the jackpot : be original in your application.


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