This is my wedding ideas Malvika Jayaram!!

Many star sons and daughters are now active in the film industry, Malavika Jayaram is one such star daughter who is making her way into the film industry. The actor’s brother, Kalidas, followed in the footsteps of his father, Jayaram, and had already become active in films. It was around this time that Malavika took part in a music video and through it entered the cinema.

The actor acted in the music video ‘Mayam Seitai Poove’. The actress played the heroine of Ashok Selvan. Later, the actor acted in many commercials. She was first called as the heroine in the film ‘Needing a Man’. But he withdrew from that film because he did not have much confidence. A few days ago, he was seen acting with his friends in Abhiniyakalari, which went viral on social media.

Now the things that the actor said about his marriage ideas are going viral on social media. When I was young, I used to watch a television show and tell my father and mother that my marriage is enough, but when I grew up a little more, that idea changed. I will not have an incident of embarrassment, Dapan will do it. Malavika says I will not be ashamed and marriage will not be at all. I get a lot of proposals but I don’t reject them harshly but slowly and nicely then they will understand it, says Malavika.

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