This is one of the mortgages that is contracted the most now: resounding success

This is one of the mortgages that is contracted the most now: resounding success

2023-09-09 16:00:00

In the last year there has been a Change of trend in it mortgage market. He euribor, which is above 4%, a figure not seen since the end of 2008, has increased the installments of variable rate mortgages. Furthermore, before the uncertainty of the global economyusers also see problems when hiring a loan to fixed rate. Furthermore, forecasts suggest that the worst has only just begun. This is the panorama that both those with mortgages and those who want to access a new home will find in 2023, whether in property or en rent. However, the option of a third way: the mixed mortgage. Unknown to many, her hiring accounted for a large part of the new loans.

Three out of four Spaniards have taken out a variable mortgageso the increase in average interest rate The amount banks charge each other for lending money has become a headache for many citizens. Hence they are sought alternatives.

One of them is subrogate the loan with another bank to obtain better conditions. That also includes moving from a variable type of mortgage to a fixed one. However, the requirements to sign a fixed rate contract are also high. Hence, the mixed option has become a resounding success in recent months.

What is the mixed mortgage?

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As its name suggests, this product is a combination of the characteristics of a fixed and variable mortgage. During the first years, specifically between five and 15 years, the customer always pays the same fee. Subsequently, the amount varies depending on the Euribor. “The forecast we have in 2023 is that at least one in five mortgaged opt for the mixed mortgage”, points out Marcel BeyerCEO of the banking product comparator iAhorro.

“The rise of mixed mortgages is also due to the fact that many banks already offer this type of product: Openbank, ING, Banco Santander, Bankinter, Ibercaja, Laboral Kutxa, EVO and, among others,” says Beyer, who recalls that actually the interest rates of the mixed mortgages of these entities are around 3.5% TIN, half a point below the 4% of fixed mortgages. Hence, clients who are fearful of the evolution of the Euribor opt for this mortgage to weather the storm.

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