This is the importance of keeping WhatsApp safe

Is using WhatsApp in Mexico safe and private? Of course yes; in Mexico and around the world, where more than 2 billion people use the application daily to communicate with their loved ones or do business. In these times when we are involved in our digital lives more than ever, cybersecurity concerns are becoming more important to everyone. End-to-end encryption, which is at the heart of our platform, is one of the strongest security technologies available.

Our end-to-end encryption protocol shields messages before they leave your device and ensures that data sent through the app is completely secure at all times until it reaches its destination. All the messages you send through the app are secure and no one, not even WhatsApp or Meta, can access the content of your conversations.

Encryption applies to all interactions in the app, whether it’s a text message you send to your family, a call or video call with your closest friends, audio messages, video messages, photos, documents, videos, stickers, etc. reactions, single view messages and any other type of communication, in individual or group chats.

End-to-end encryption is automatically activated, by default, in all communications that the user makes on the platform and is the main feature that makes WhatsApp inviolable.

It is important to distinguish the protection of an application such as WhatsApp from the potential use of intrusive techniques, used by malicious actors, that could violate the security of an electronic device, such as operating system malware.

In those extreme cases, malware can be used to infiltrate phone devices and take control of them, but the way they work has nothing to do with compromising WhatsApp or any app inside a mobile device.

If malware enters a user’s mobile, it is the operating system that is compromised. These types of tools allow a malicious actor to access the device and have full control of the information, applications and data on it. It would be like a stranger looking over your shoulder at your phone.

Something important to note is that a malware does not need to hack or break the security of any application to access the information because it has complete control of the device and all the information on it and does not involve hacking WhatsApp.

It does not matter if you are a WhatsApp user or a company that uses our business solutions in Mexico or in any other country, our security protocols apply the same. Our efforts to keep our users safe are part of our daily work.

We employ the best engineers and security specialists who work every day to keep our application and service secure, and we have also been very active publicly in highlighting the importance of device and operating system security. At WhatsApp we believe that it is of the utmost importance to keep the debate open about the challenges of cybersecurity and the importance of encryption.

So is WhatsApp safe in Mexico or anywhere else? We can say that it is. To this day we have no knowledge or evidence that WhatsApp encryption is in any way compromised, and we can assure you that our end-to-end encryption protocol is reliable in protecting your most private conversations.


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