This is the name that Apple could have chosen for its first mixed reality glasses

The first apple mixed reality glasses they are about to fall According to leakers and analysts, the company with the bitten apple could present the device between the end of this 2022 and the beginning of 2023. Although, to date, the company has not shared any official information about the ‘gadget’, yes, some of its possible characteristics have transcended. Among them, the name they could have.

According to ‘Bloomberg’, Apple has already requested registration for the exclusive use of names such as ‘Reality One‘, ‘Reality Pro‘ y ‘Reality Processor‘ that would become the property of the company for future product launches throughout the world. These, in addition, go in line with the name realityOS, registered by the firm months ago and that, in principle, would correspond to the operating system that would accompany the ‘gadget’.

Based on the names registered by the company, Reality One would correspond to the name of the main viewer. ‘Reality Pro’, meanwhile, could be used to name a model of more ambitious glasses within the family, as is the case with the iPhone Pro, which have larger screens and unique features that cannot be found in their smaller brothers. .

Finally, ‘Reality Processor’ would be the name of the chip that will give life to those glasses; as is the case with the A15 or M2 processors currently mounted on the most cutting-edge iPhones and Macbooks.

Despite the fact that the leak of the registration of these names has occurred just a week before Apple presents its iPhone 14, it is unlikely that the company will take advantage of that same event to show its first mixed reality glasses. Most analysts they take for sure their arrival at the beginning of 2023.


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