” This is the reason why Simbu was denied a doctorate! ” – VELS Ishri Ganesh – Preetha Ganesh | vels university chairman isari ganesh and preetha ganesh interview

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“I have been interested in studies since I was a child. I grew up listening to my mom and dad always talk about the university at home. Student and outsider at Enga School and University had the opportunity to learn a lot about Enga Institute. It was very useful for Vardh to be the Vice President now. Ishri Ganesh continued to tell Preeta.

All the qualifications lit up for this role were poignant to me. Thus, it would be nice to have a Vice President. If you ask me, let’s say OK. Look where the educational institutions are now. The graduation ceremony has been going on for ten years now. It is customary to give degrees to experts in every field, be it science, sports or cinema. So far, the cinema has bought Sathyaraj, Nasser and Vivek. In sports we have given degrees to Ganguly, Srikanth, BD Usha, P.Vishind.

There will always be a team of seven for this. Ivanka is the one to discuss and give the doctorate to whom. Needless to say, it was Ivanka who considered Simbu. When I told him, I asked, ‘Why Simbu?’ He has been working in all fields of cinema since the age of six. Let’s say it would be nice to give him a doctorate. Sarinu Pattuchu for me too. After all, Simbu is the next most talented person in Tamil cinema after Kamal. The first Simbu was shocked when he was told. ‘What can you say?’ He asked. I said, ‘Where is the team to decide and accept?’ He also asked if it was okay. Next I called T. Rajendran Sark. He was very happy. When Simbu received his doctorate, D.R. Ananda was left in tears. We are pleased to have Simbu standing in line to graduate students.

Ishri Ganesh

The Paralympics never gave up. This time we decided to go to the Paralympics. After all, Mariappan had worked so hard to get to this point. Preetha continued, “We thought we would honor him.” There will always be an army of young people around me and there will be Positive Vibration. Life is a great mentor dad. Whenever Dowd called on the phone, Clear would do it. At first I was afraid to go for such a big role. Anyway, I’m very impressed now. Can you tell me if Dad and Mom are all great supports to me? ‘

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