This is the story of Vamsi directed Vijay movie! Leaked information!

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Vijay is currently starring in the Nelson directed film Beast. The film was originally shot in Georgia. It was then held in Chennai and other states. It has been reported that the shooting of the movie Beast is almost over and only a few more shots are yet to be taken. The first song from the film is expected to be released soon.

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It has been officially announced that Telugu director Vamsi will be directing Vijay’s 66th film. The anticipation for this film has increased since the announcement. For the first time, Vijay is going to act directly in a Telugu directorial film. The film is said to star Prakashraj and Mahesh Babu’s daughter. In this situation, the story of Vijay 66 movie has caused controversy as it has been published on the internet.

The one line of the film is said to be that Vijay plays a mental patient in the film and how he comes out of that trauma. Nagarjuna had already acted in the film Doha directed by Vamsi who was suffering from a disease like stroke. It is said that Vijay is also portrayed as a mental patient in this film. It is also expected that the film will feature a lot of sentimental scenes. Vijay is leaving his usual acting and accepting new roles. Master played a drunken man in the film. Due to that Vijay 66 story is also expected to be like this. Filming of Vijay Vijay’s 66th film is set to start in February next year.

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