This is the Zeus 4G Pro, the mobile that helps the elderly

At the company SPC, specializing in the development of consumer electronics products, has recently announced that it is expanding its range of smartphones for the elderly. The objective is to facilitate communication, since the products available on the market are not always easy to use for this group, it is also sought, in addition to ensuring the communication they need with family, friends or caregivers, to help manage a surveillance system in distance.

According to recent data from the INE, more than 2 million people over 65 years of age live alone in our country. They are people who, as has been reported in the media, have difficulties with technology. In this scenario comes the mobile Zeus 4G Prowhich has features specially designed for those who need a smartphone with which to download your apps and easy to use, for this it has a simplified interfacecolorful and large icons, physical keys to pick up and hang up, and direct access to the main settings.

An important fact is that integrates an SOS button, to notify emergencies, and with Smart Help, a set of intelligent functionalities developed by the brand and intended to facilitate use by grandparents, and help family members take care of them when they are not in person with them. With this option, contacts closest to senior users will be able to remotely configure some Zeus 4G Pro settings and receive notifications of unusual Zeus 4G Pro activity/inactivity. smartphone.

Simplicity and very useful functions

You don’t have to be used to dealing with smartphones to handle this model with ease. To simplify use, it incorporates front physical keys and the SPC Easy Mode, a intuitive and easy interface (which can be changed at any time to the usual Android interface). In this sense, it has large icons and striking colors, so that each app it has its own color and is easily identifiable. To contact immediate family members quickly, large-size photos and the names of six favorite contacts can be placed on the home page, and you can call or send a message by clicking on their icon.

This device also includes the application shortcuts, which allows you to activate and deactivate the most used smartphone settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, mobile data…) with one click. So that senior users always have quick access to their most common ‘apps’ on the screen, it incorporates the APPS option that, when opened, allows you to select from the entire list of applications, those that you want to appear on the screen, as well as hide the least used.

It has a charging dock to always have it in view when it is charging and thus ensure that it is always operational. It has a reversible USB type C connector, so that it can also be charged without the need to carry the base on top. It includes a flexible case that protects it from bumps, accidental falls and impacts.

Other outstanding values ​​are that it has direct access to FM Radio or flashlight, which is activated by a long press (to avoid accidental activations in the pocket) on the dedicated button that it incorporates.

a good ally

It is a device that, due to its characteristics, gives peace of mind to the elderly and their families by integrating Smart Help, a group of intelligent help functions that, among other options, notify a trusted telephone number in the event of unusual inactivity on the device. In this sense, the Smart Notifications function sends an SMS to a previously configured number, if it detects that there is less than 15% battery left or that there is at least one missed call unanswered.

For its part, the Smart Ring option raises the phone’s volume in the event that, after a first missed call, the same number calls again within three minutes. Once the call is answered, the volume returns to the previous level.

To be sure that the smartphone it is well configured and adjusted to the user’s needs, it has the third of the intelligent help functions, Remote Configuration, which allows a trusted contact to configure it remotely from their own phone. Thanks to the sending of SMS with predefined codes, it will be possible both to activate and/or deactivate and to configure the SOS button, add contacts to the agenda or increase the volume of the ringer, earpiece and hands-free to the maximum.

In addition to these functions, it also includes a sos button that the user can activate from the rear. With a prolonged touch (to prevent it from being activated by a fortuitous touch), this button launches calls and SMS with a customizable emergency message, as well as your mobile location, to up to three trusted numbers. When one of them picks up, the hands-free function is automatically activated so that the user can easily communicate with the other party and the latter, in turn, can hear what may be happening in the background.

technical aspects

It has a 13 MP rear camera for taking pictures and videos (with 1080p resolution and 30 fps frequency) and a 5 MP front camera for video calls and selfies. The internal memory is 32 GB (expandable by a further 512 GB via MicroSD card), and it has a 5.5” IPS touch screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio, HD+ resolution (1400 x 720 pixels) and 16 .7 million colors.

It is powered by a quad core processor at 2 GHz and an IMG GE8300 graphics card that, together with its 3 GB RAM, provides basic usage features. All this is completed with Android 11 as the operating system and with 4G connectivity, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 5.0. It also has a 3.5 mm jack, and incorporates Dual SIM functionality, which allows you to insert two different numbers.


SPC Zeus 4G Pro is now available at a price of 149,90€.


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