This is what hot chamomile does to your body when you eat it regularly

Al-Marsad newspaper: A British medical study revealed that drinking hot chamomile drink regularly helps protect against many serious diseases, and thus leads to prolonging life.

The study, carried out by the “Medical Advisory Committee for Tea”, stated that the road to longevity is fraught with risks, and that chronic diseases lurk around every corner, warning that the greatest risk is cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death worldwide, according to the newspaper. Britain’s Daily Express.

She also said that “however, you can build a barrier against heart disease by making healthy dietary decisions, and one of the most important of these decisions is to drink chamomile, a popular herbal tea made from the original chamomile flowers.”

She added that “the new research review found that chamomile has many health benefits that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is one of the most dangerous diseases, and can lead to death,” explaining that “this drink can significantly reduce cholesterol, and helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.” Improving glucose, insulin and lipid levels in the blood.

And she added that this is very important because high levels of cholesterol and glucose are a harbinger of heart disease, indicating that the review included the evaluation of three types of herbal tea, namely chamomile, hot rose syrup and mint.

“Overall results from a review of trials found that chamomile can treat poor sleep and anxiety, and can indirectly improve brain function, although the immediate effect of chamomile is calming without any effect on memory,” said study co-author Dr. Jill Jenkins.


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