This is what the sunset sky would look like on other planets

On Uranus as blue as the Earth | Courier TV

In anticipation of a mission to the planet Uranus, NASA has created a computer simulation of how the sky at sunset would appear to a hypothetical visitor who was on the surface. Planetologist Geronimo Villanueva of the Goddard Space Flight Center has developed six scenarios: on Earth, on Earth in the fog, on Venus, Mars, Uranus and Titan (the large satellite of Saturn with an atmosphere composed of methane). The white dot that can be seen in motion is the sun that is setting. Uranus has an atmosphere composed of hydrogen, helium and methane which absorbs the wavelength of red light. On Earth with a foggy sky, the diffusion of light is similar to that which occurs on Mars, although presenting different shades of color. (P. Virt.)



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