This is why we run and jump – Shine Tom Chacko

This is why we run and jump: Shine Tom Chako

Vichitram is a new film starring Shine Tom Chacko and Balu Varghese. The movie is already being discussed due to the name of the movie and the features of the poster.

The film is directed by Achu Vijayan. Lal, Kani Kasumi, Jolly Chirayat and Ketaki Narayan are other important characters in the film.

In an interview given to Reporter TV as part of the film’s promotion, Shine Tom Chacko and Balu Varghese are responding to the question whether they agree with the decision not to write a review for three days after the release of the film in Tamil Nadu, and about taking bites in the theater.

‘ Will the hands and feet of those who write the review be tied, how not to write it? It is those reviews that decide whether or not to hire a person. If a movie is bad, we can’t fix it, and if it’s good, we can’t make it bad. To some extent, a movie can drive people for a couple of days, and while it can create confusion, it doesn’t last long.

Online programs have some strange practices. There is a program that talks about good movies and makes them say that it is a dirty movie. Anyway, if the movie is good, people will watch it. If the film is bad, no one will watch it,’ said Balu Varghese and Shine Tom.

When asked if he could never accept the decision taken in Tamil Nadu, Balu laughed and replied, ‘My dear brother, don’t make us Stalin and others, we are poor people and we don’t know anything’.

On the question of taking an audience bite at a movie theater:

It is not good to take a byte, those who take a byte should first look at the picture. What’s the point of just asking how is the picture, how is the picture? Especially when people ask us about it, they don’t say anything good or bad about the movie. This is why we run and jump from it,’ said Shine.

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