This is your place: Do those who pinch the child rock the cradle?

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‘E-mail’ letter from Dr. Meenakshi Pattabraman, Madurai:

Due to exam fear, sexual violence and romantic failure, female suicides are on the rise.

While many people are suggesting a solution for this, actress Kasthuri has also offered advice on her part. In it, ‘Student suicides are often shown as headline news on television. This will bring that idea to the students who do not have suicidal thoughts’, he said.

Even though his opinion is correct in a way, the film itself is Pilliyar’s twist on student suicides… Does actress Kasthuri know this? It is the cinema that sheds light on the romantic ideas of the poets who were hidden and gave the first respect to love, and told to take one’s life if love fails. It is the cinema that did not say that love is a part of life, but falsely propagated that love is everything and made the youth take the wrong decision that love is not love.

From Navratri Savitri to modern cinema heroines, the solution to love failure is suicide. Many people have lost their lives in the magic of cinema. Entering the country as an entertainment medium, cinema has corrupted the minds of the people. It is cinema that has made educational halls into meeting halls for boyfriend and girlfriend and created the illusion that going to college is to fall in love.

In such a situation, Kasturi, who belongs to the film industry, is funny to look elsewhere for the reason for the suicides of today’s students. The media is now fertilizing the crop that your cinema world has sown and nurtured. As Kasturi says, forming committees in colleges and schools to provide counseling to female students will not work.

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It’s not just sore; Apply ointment to heal; A tumor that has escaped. If you really care about the welfare of the students, you should first pull out the burning loot; Furnace automatically includes. Yes… We should ban bad quality movies and TV serials that disturb the society. Can… Can’t.

All this has no chance when the politicians and the government run the cinema companies and liquor shops. People like Kasthuri from the film industry find solutions to female student suicides like pinching the child and rocking the cradle.

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