Every singer has his own special custom before going on stage, a stressful and exciting moment at the same time. Singer Akiva reveals on Instagram his custom and writes that he is praying a personal prayer he composed consisting of several verses and spontaneous prayer.

“A moment that is only mine”

“Usually a moment before a performance, when the musicians are already on stage and the lights are off, I have a moment that is just mine, in which I pray a personal prayer,” Akiva wrote. “It is made up of a few regular verses of Psalms and a few sentences of solitude that come out of my heart at that moment, highly recommend, in whatever field you are engaged in.”

“In these moments I pray that I will be able to touch at least one person in my heart. Then during the show I look for someone or someone in the audience. When I suddenly find a pair of teary eyes or someone singing with me devoutly, I know this moment is worth it all,” he added.

Akiva’s special custom on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, Akiva shared his custom on IDF Martyrs’ Remembrance Day: “On this day, I wear the disk from the army. It is a day that touches on all my exposed capillaries, the experiences from the military, friends and relatives that I have lost in wars and terrorist attacks. And the tears keep coming down, like an open tap that someone forgot to turn off. “

Listen to Akiva’s latest song:

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