This profession that recruits: how to become a surveyor?

This profession that recruits: how to become a surveyor?

2023-05-19 12:24:43

Sometimes, in the distance, on the edge of a country road, or at the bend of a crossroads in town, you have taken them for gendarmes or policemen with a portable radar monitoring the speed of motorcycles, cars and other motorized vehicles. But very often, it was only a surveyor’s tripod. A person doing surveys for the future layout of a roundabout, a bridge, a new park or building. And the fluorescent outfit or the construction helmet were in no way a disguise… The whole profession of surveyor is recruiting. Small or large firms are looking for collaborators. But this profession struggles to make itself known and attract.

“A surveyor is someone who measures the earth. And the measure, precisely, is very wide. This can happen on a building plot, in an industrial environment to position and align elements, in a natural environment with topography, slopes, roads, or even agricultural, forestry or environmental land development, “explains Cécile Taffin, President of the National Union of Expert Surveyors (UNGE).

Herself based in Lens (Pas-de-Calais), she knows well the problems of her profession, of which she is the spokesperson with passion: “There is a whole part of the field but also a whole work of study of development project files for housing estates, public spaces, town planning. All this also requires legal knowledge, particularly in matters of real estate. This is precisely why we certainly have a helmet and boots, but also a Civil Code. It really requires a multiplicity of skills, ”says the surveyor.

A very digital and technological profession

If this profession is mainly grouped around VSEs which have only eight or nine employees, some firms can reach the bar of a hundred employees for a total of some 1,878 expert surveyors in France. “Currently, our needs are at least 2,000 people,” admits Cécile Taffin. A huge figure when you know that this sector only has 10,000 employees.

How can this 20% deficit be explained? “The parents of students don’t know our professions. Young people want to be firefighters, architects… Hence our desire to make ourselves better known. It is for this purpose that we are now more present at student fairs but also in colleges and high schools. We also encourage our companies to take 9th grade trainees to come and see how things work with us. We offer a varied profession, with a clientele that is as varied. This profession has a real meaning because it fits perfectly into the questions of regional planning and ecological transition”, concludes the president of the UNGE with vigor.

“Our professions have evolved considerably, immediately launches Jean-François Delarue, associate professor at the Lycée Dorian, in Paris, and director of studies for Sorbonne-University. Today, we work with scanners, drones, we do 3D modelling. The activity is very diversified. We can be in contact with historical monuments, large companies to digitize their buildings, as was also the case with the framework of Notre-Dame before the fire. Having it in 3D makes it possible to reconstruct it identically. »

Professional baccalaureate, BTS, professional license, 4D master… There are many courses to integrate this profession. “We need more and more specialized staff,” continues the teacher. Companies have enormous needs and today, whether you stop at the BTS or continue your studies, there is room for everyone. »

He is hiring: “I am looking for three to four people”

Arnaud Robin, surveyor in Puteaux (Hauts-de-Seine), loves his job. Associated with his brother, he practices in the firm created by… his great-grandfather and which all the men of the family have since passed on, from generation to generation. It even has in its archives boundary plans dating from… 1860, in India ink. The recruiter presents his company.

PROFILES. “I need three or four technicians with at least a BTS level but, why not, even engineers who would one day want to become a surveyor in turn. We can also welcome people in retraining, without too much experience, and train them internally as long as they are motivated and genuinely interested in our professions. »

COMPENSATION. “Depending on the diplomas, it takes 2,000 to 3,000 euros gross per month if you join the firm. »

EVOLUTIONS. “We are able to train each person from start to finish and thus offer them a base of knowledge, multi-skills to work on both indoor and outdoor projects, on land, settlements, easements. They will be able to do anything. Frankly, there are real possibilities of evolution because the surveyors have more and more a role of consultant and adviser. »

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