“” This regeneration must lead to the death of the like dictatorship “

Time.news – “This regeneration must lead to the death of the like dictatorship and the victory of competence“. This was stated by Roberta Lombardi, 5-star guarantor, new councilor for the Lazio Region, in an interview with the Press in which she acknowledges the former premier Giuseppe Conte, now new leader of the Movement, “a moral and political caliber”, and then adds: ” Conte asked to abandon the misunderstandings, speaking of the ‘one is one’ rule. I remember that Gianroberto Casaleggio also complained to me about the lack of skills in the Movement and when faced with the phrase ‘one is worth one’ he replied: ‘I have been misunderstood’. Here, it’s time to clarify. Competence is a value and cannot be overshadowed by popularity on the web”.

And on the double mandate he clarifies: “Those who have proven themselves good will be able to continue to do politics in other roles, as minister, head of cabinet or on the board of directors of some subsidiaries. There are no limits there. But this discussion has become cloying ”. And to those in the Movement who threaten to suspend contributions, he replies: “Those who do will give the measure of their value, their vocation and the idea they have of the civil service. None of them are leading a life of hardship and deprivation ”.

So on currentism: “Conte wants to avoid the pathology of currents, where the comparison between different thoughts is not exercised, but one tries to obtain power and perpetrate oneself. And if associations, such as think tanks, want to become places of confrontation open to civil society, in the wake of that opening requested by Conte, they are welcome. If, on the other hand, the purpose is another, let’s close them immediately ”because“ the new Movement is not closed to anyone. There will be new rules and those who want to return will have to adapt to the changed context. For example, those who voted against the Draghi government cannot return and continue to profess against it. The attitude, the words, will have to change ”, concludes Lombardi.

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