This series leaves dust for “Wedding at First Sight”

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An important message for all married couples: they all have the same troubles, you are not special at all. He watches football and in the meantime she falls asleep, she needs courtship and he needs treatment from her, they planned a romantic evening but the arrangement for the children was canceled for them, and so on. One by one, the participants in the new docu-reality of Here 11 flood the aforementioned frictions, as well as other arguments, and prove that in the end – every couple with children has the same exhausting routine.

Besides, it also turns out that today’s prime time can show normal problems of real spouses, and not just have to deal with pompousness with invented matchmaking, and what effect it has on a relationship if a girl does not take off makeup, too spiritual or not attracted to her man.

Yesterday, the premiere episode of “Couples Therapy” was broadcast, which manages to gently document a therapeutic process that four couples went through for six months on the couch of Sharon Baram-Wolowski, a psychologist and relationship therapist. The cameras are hidden in the room to provide a sense of privacy, and the couples do open up, sharing difficulties, the most horrible fights and the most horrible thoughts about each other. And everything is presented in a rhythmic and embracing edit, with thought and compassion for what is broadcast and what is cut in the edit.

Baram-Wolowski, it seems, meanwhile, mentally strengthens her patients, while at the same time helping them to see their partner in a different light, and thus to get closer again. Unlike others she does not use the title of “psychologist” and the treatment tools she has learned for the profession for the purpose of entertainment, nor to promote the interests of the production. Really weird to have to write this, but it probably proves how rare professional ethics is on screen, and how transparent the boundaries of exposure have long since become.

And also – the couples in the series are real people, and not advertising pursuers who dump their partner two weeks after the end of filming and the completion of the process. We do not notice here the manipulations of the therapist and the patient, but the genuine desire of all parties to make a process. In short, “couple therapy” is not “wedding”, and in fact – it is more pleasant to watch and leaves her dust.

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