This was the launch of the first Chinese space mission with a civilian on board

This was the launch of the first Chinese space mission with a civilian on board

2023-05-30 17:46:24

In an astronomical milestone, China launched the Shenzhou-1 mission into space which will have as its main objective launch its Tiangong space station that means “heavenly palace”

Its about first Chinese rocket in history in which one of its three crew members is a civilian: he professor and aerospace engineer Gui Haichaowho will be the responsible for all the tests and studies that the mission will carry out during its stay in space.

While the other two crew members are the experienced military with four astronomical missions in its history, Jing Haipengand his colega debutante, Zhu Yangzhuwho will be in charge of both the drive like control of this powerful Chinese ship that it will spend 5 months in orbit.

As planned, the launch of the Shenzhou -1 which was propelled into space by a Long March 2F rockettook place this morning, Tuesday May 30, from the Satellite Launch Center which is located in the desert zone of Jiuquan, North China.

As explained by those responsible for the mission, the ship is expected to be integrated into the Tianhe central module of the stationa 400 kilometers above the groundafter a trip less than 7 hours.


It should be noted that this is the fifth manned mission China sends to its space station since the year 2021 and which takes place just one day after the authorities of beijing publicly disclose their ambitious plan send astronauts to the moon by 2030.

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