This week will be an indication for the continuation of our season

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After a great season opener, Hapoel Haifa is facing a critical week that will be an indicator of which direction Elisha Levy’s team is heading. The Reds will meet Maccabi Tel Aviv on Sunday, when games against Maccabi Haifa and Hapoel B’Shlosha are also expected during the week. Levy will be missing the king of the team’s goals, Alon Turgeman, who was injured during the break.

In the campaign that took place this morning (Friday), Elisha Levy said: “The week ahead of us will be a good indication for us how we stand in front of the strong teams. We have a very difficult week ahead of us and if we manage to continue to create situations and be aggressive, then we will really know which direction this season is going in. “

Elisha Levy: “Determined to continue where we left off”

Levy also referred to the return from the break: “A break is usually problematic for groups. We were in a very positive momentum, on the other hand it was a necessary break, we took advantage of it to ventilate the players mentally and let such and such injured recover. What hurt our preparations is Alon Turgeman’s injury, but it’s part of the game and can not be avoided. We will definitely have to be creative to solve his shortcoming, we need to continue from where we left off, we have accumulated points at a pretty good pace and we are very determined to come and continue it. The players were very positive during the break. “

The Reds coach also talked about the opponent: Maccabi Tel Aviv lost yesterday, but they looked good and were aggressive. We will need to continue to maintain the home, continue to be committed and show good ability. Maccabi is a great team and we will have to be at our best to win the game. “

Finally, Levy also talked about the crowd returning to the pitches: “Something good is happening at Hapoel Haifa and it is derived from what our guys do on the pitch. We saw this phenomenon of the audience loving the group, we saw it in Jerusalem, Sakhnin and Petah Tikva. I think there is a connection between what we do on the field and what we see from the crowd, we hope we will continue to provide them. “

Also team captain, Dor Malul, Spoke ahead of the game: “We are facing a super tough game, we are coming very prepared for this game and we will have to be at our peak to take points. We are entering an intense week that will test our ability and where we stand for the rest of the season. The break gave us time to recover and come to institutes for this week. “

Malul also spoke about the locker room: “Throughout the years, I have claimed that Hapoel Haifa has the best locker room in the league. To see all the actors reset around Hanan and strengthen and embrace him, to see strangers coming to the funeral is not obvious to me it is a strong locker room that unites in difficult moments, there are less pleasant and guilty moments we are measured and we are always there for each other ”.


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