Thomas death threatens Liam who asks Hope to marry him

The advances of Beautiful relating to the episodes on the air from Monday 22 March to Saturday 27 March. The plot of the Canale5 soap reveals that Thomas’s madness will come back to the surface. The young man, in fact, will threaten Liam with death, who will then decide to ask Hope to marry him. The answer will not be the one hoped for. The appointment with the soap is at 13:40 on Canale5.

Episode on Monday 22 March

Zoe is convinced that Thomas has now overcome his obsession with Hope. Liam invites her to be careful because she could be the next victim. Zoe made a serious miscalculation. Thomas, in fact, confides to Shauna that he has never stopped loving Hope. Liam once again urges Thomas to stay away from Hope. Forrester, however, accuses him of still loving Steffy. The latter, meanwhile, seems to have an interest in the fabric supplier Collin.

Episode of Tuesday 23 March

Thomas continues to pretend that he is in love with Zoe. His madness, however, does not take long to manifest itself. In fact, he suddenly lashes out at Liam with bloodshot eyes. Threatens to hurt him. Then he runs to Hope to minimize what happened. Also, he manages to convince her that Liam is actually in love with Steffy, otherwise he would have married her already.

Episode on Wednesday 24 March

Liam is shaken after Thomas’s death threats. In order to protect Hope, he asks her to marry him. The condition for going to the altar, however, is that she cut off all relations with Thomas. In addition, the woman will have to relinquish custody of Douglas. Hope is increasingly confused and continues to believe the lies Thomas tells her.

Episode on Thursday 25 March

Ridge is convinced that Steffy still has feelings for Liam, so he tries to foster a reunion. Furthermore, the man is convinced that the love Thomas feels for Zoe is sincere. He believes that his son no longer thinks of Hope, but he is wrong and Steffy tries to make him understand, inviting him not to fall into the staging orchestrated by Thomas.

Episode on Friday 26 March

Hope is petrified at Liam’s proposal. He does not intend to give up on Douglas. The tension between Hope and Liam is palpable and things get worse when Thomas arrives. Faced with his partner’s decision not to give up custody of Douglas, Liam decides to leave. In anger, he leaves Hope and Thomas alone.

Episode on Saturday 27 March

Liam, after asking Hope to marry him and receiving a rejection, spends the night at Steffy’s house. Brooke is very concerned about the recent developments in her daughter’s relationship with Liam. So, she runs to Hope and advises her to go to Liam right away to reassure him that he will spend the rest of his life by his side.


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