Those who fell in love with the motionless ball; From Beckham and Carlos to CR7, the glamor of the free kick at the World Cup

More beautiful free kick goals to come. They will also be included in the history collection to be handed down to generations.


First Published Nov 30, 2022, 1:49 PM IST

The first free kick in Qatar World Cup football was born a week into the tournament. It was named after Abdul Hamid Sabiri of Morocco. Sabiri’s kick went past Belgium’s world-class goalkeeper Thibaut Quarto. Free kicks leading to spectacular goals are nothing new in World Cup football, but not a regular occurrence.

Before Sabiri, let’s talk about some of the most beautiful free kicks born on the World Cup stage. Some of the most memorable goals in World Cup history are the beauty of the goals. The free kick goal hailed by a large number of critics as the most beautiful in the history of the World Cup was born in 1978. Peru’s own football legend Teofilo Cubias scored that goal against Scotland that day. Kubias’s outside-footed ball ricocheted off the post and into the left corner.

Bernard Genghis’ goal against Austria in 1982 sealed France’s victory. And that name was recorded in history forever. In 1998, Chile’s Jose Luis Sierra scored a free kick goal in a group match against Cameroon. David Beckham, one of England’s all-time popular players, welcomed Akuri with a free kick goal. Beckham was concussed in the match against Colombia. A rare connection for the star with a free kick later called Bend it Light Beckham.

Three free kick goals are among the most memorable moments of the 2002 World Cup. One of them was Roberto Carlos’ goal against China. The goal was scored by splitting the Great Wall of China in front. It was in the same World Cup that his friend Ronaldinho also told the world that he had arrived and wrote his name in history. The leaf-falling kick against England in the quarter-final will last as long as there is football. There is also a beautiful non-Brazilian free kick goal from the same World Cup venue. This is the goal scored by Paraguay’s Francisco Arce against South Africa. 2006’s free kick beauty belongs to Robin van Persie.

best free kicks in world cups

That goal that hit the post against Ivory Coast still lives in the minds of the fans. The third goal against Spain in 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo completed his World Cup hat-trick with a stunning free-kick. Brazil’s players are ahead of the free kick scorers. First is the magician Jeanine Pennambucano.

The second is the legend Pele. The third is Argentina’s Victor Legrotagli. The fourth is again from Brazil, Ronaldinho and David Beckham, who is hailed as a free kick prospect, and the sixth is Maradona. When we talk about those who beat the goalkeepers to score free kick goals, we can’t go without mentioning another one. The incident happened in 1998. The match is between Bulgaria and Paraguay. Free kick awarded to Paraguay. With a history to answer the question of who will take the kick, José Luis Chilavert has become a historical figure.

Chilawart became the first goalkeeper to take a free kick in World Cup football. Although the shot was hit by Sadrakov, there was another market for it. Although he did not succeed then, Chilavart has also scored goals for the country. Yesterday, England’s Rashford also put a motionless ball beautifully into the goal net. More beautiful free kick goals to come. They will also be included in the history collection to be handed down to generations.

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